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Aine - Embers of Valor (Live Wallpaper OPT)

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The preview product images and videos above don't reflect the full resolution/quality of the wallpapers you will be getting! :)

For personal use only! Do not resell, post etc.!

Live Wallpaper Instructions:

1) Windows

  • Download ''Wallpaper Engine'' from the Steam Store.
  • Start it and select "Open Wallpaper" -> "Open Offline Wallpaper (animated)" -> Select the .MP4 file -> Apply the wallpaper
  • Note: Please don't publish the wallpaper in the Creative Workshop, this wallpaper is for personal purchase only!

2) Mac OS

  • Download "Dynamic Wallpaper Engine" from the Apple Store and follow instructions.

3) Android

  • Download the "Wallpaper Engine" App and follow instructions. (Compatibility may depend on your device)

4) IOS

  • Live Wallpapers are currently not supported.
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Aine - Embers of Valor (Live Wallpaper OPT)

1 rating
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